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Trust Support

You can save lives through your trust. The support of Trusts and Foundations is crucial for our work in UK and in Africa. Such support is either restricted to specific projects or supports our core activities where the funding is most needed. Even relatively small amounts make a significant difference to our work and to our beneficiaries.

The Nominet Trust supported us reach more than 2,000 by 2011 and thus made a huge contribution towards providing access to the internet and training community groups on its use. The majority of these beneficiaries in Kenya came into contact with computers and the internet for the first time as they have no access to mains electricity or telephone lines. Links were then made to contemporaries in South West England through local groups, schools and community centres. The internet is used to decrease loneliness in the UK for older and elderly people through intergenerational and inter-cultural activities.

Other trusts that have supported our activities include the Hilden Charitable Fund, Reuben Foundation, St Mary’s Charity, the Cowslip Charity and many more.

Whatever activity a trust chooses to support, you can rest assured that your donation will be efficiently used to save lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people. We shall help you find a suitable project to support irrespective of the size of donation. For example:

  • £500 would pay for wireless connectivity for a month for 20 computers serving 2 schools in Kenya
  • £1,500 would pay for wireless connectivity for a month for 60 computers serving 6 schools in Kenya
  • £3,000 would pay for an Intern in Kenya for a whole year
  • £4,000 would pay for a suite of 60 locally made appropriate computers desks and swivel chairs in Kenya
  • £6,000 would pay for a Full-time IT Trainer in Kenya for a year or an Intern in UKL for 6 months.
  • £8,000 would pay for a Programme Coordinator in Kenya for a whole year
  • £12,800 would finish the construction and equipping of the Bochoroke Village Social Hall in Kenya or pay for the rent for the UK office for a year.
  • £24,000 would pay for 60 appropriate laptop computers for use by 6 schools in Kenya or pay for a Programme Fundraiser in the UK
  • £30,000 would pay for a programme manager in the UK or sink one borehole at Bochoroke Village in Kenya
  • £50,000 will help at least 2,000 poor and vulnerable children in Kenya in a year to access some educational resources through the internet and learn to use computers for the own development and to learn about their rights.
  • £150,000 in a year would pay for the replication of the Let Us Connect Project in Kenya across Masaba North District in Nyamira County in Kenya.


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